Differences Between a Mortgage Associate and a Banker


In the past, prospective home buyers turned exclusively to their banks for their mortgage needs, but now you have more options available with the growing presence of mortgage associates. We are licensed mortgage specialists who have access to, and knowledge of, the entire mortgage market, including over 20 lenders and their mortgage rates. There are many advantages to using a mortgage associate, and below we have outlined the differences between us and the bank.


let us help………..

You want to take advantage of these record low rates that have been around for the past 12 months….. after all, if you had stayed in a Variable rate, (like 80% of my clients did), you would have enjoyed rates as low at 1.35% during that time..  Instead, your Banker hits you the infamous BIG SIX BANK penalty calculation and wants a penalty of $10,000, $20,00 or $30,000 or more, depending on your remaining term and balance… OUCH!  How’s that for a double slap in the face?

Does this sound like you?   It’s happened to far too many Canadian borrowers…  We trusted the BIG BANKS because they are on every street corner.  They are on TV, in the media, and are so highly regarded in global banking communities…  But how does this help you, the individual person?  or the average family with a mortgage that’s trying to get ahead and benefit from these record low rates…

This isn’t about bank bashing… this is about Banker’s given too much respect and offering little or nothing in return…. Far too many borrowers have gone through  the scenarios described above… and it’s really unfortunate.



Yes, there is some good news… You don’t have to make the same mistake twice… or you can benefit from other people’s mistakes…  Get yourself a Mortgage Broker working for you…  An independent expert with an unbiased opinion.   If you were a client of mine, you would have received numerous warnings about these so-called ‘special offers’…and to avoid them…doing so would have saved you around $7,500 per year on a $300k mortgage

It’s never too late…  Getting a great rate is important, but being in the right mortgage product is where you will truly save….. Feel free to call me if you need help….

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