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Welcome and thank you for your interest in Devin and Wes with Your Mortgage Now. We are a team of mortgage brokers committed to providing excellent service and we can meet all of your mortgage needs.

We have teamed up with the team at Epic Alliance to help real estate investors secure mortgages to purchase their Hassle-Free landlord properties! 

With our vast experience in the mortgage industry and our dedication to 100% client satisfaction, we give our clients the very best opportunity to get mortgage approvals that best fit their financial need and wishes. 

We are excited to partner with bith Epic Alliance and Jod Vetterl to facilitate the mortgages for hassle-free investment properties. We know what it takes to get these done in a timely and efficient matter and we found them to be a joy to work with. Contact us by filling out the form below, and we will get back to you to get the process stared

Devin & Wes from Your Mortgage Now

Jodi Vetterl has spent the last 15 years building up a real estate portfolio in both the US & Canada as a passive investor Beyond The Banks Logowith such strategies as buy & hold single-family homes; investing in multi-family buildings through a limited partnership, and private lending to active investors rehabilitating homes and land development.

As a result of these strategies, Jodi was able to retire from Corporate America in her mid-40’s to fulfil her passions around writing, speaking & consulting. She can tell you first-hand the results our team at Your Mortgage Now has delivered.

Epic Alliance is a fast-growing Saskatoon-based real estate investment company,  they use their expertise and experience in the world of real estate investing to partner with people interested in using passive investment strategies to generate wealth and income. With their knowledge and systems and their partnerships including the team at  Your Mortgage Now and Jodi, they find opportunities others miss.

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